Among all natural beauty products introduced to us, it’s coconut oil that deserves all the praise. Seriously, just fire up your search engines and do a quick search. You will be surprised to see its countless beauty and wellness uses.

But as with all other beauty products, it pays to know the right application techniques of coconut oil for acne to reap its benefits.

1. Be prepared.

Unlike other over-the-counter solutions for acne that only add more toxins to the skin, coconut oil is gentle and mild. Even so, it can still effectively get rid of those toxic substances in your skin by drawing them up to the surface.

In the process of bringing up those toxins, some pimples may grow larger. But that is no reason to panic. It only means that the coconut oil is performing its cleansing work. Just do not get stressed over the breakouts. They may only worsen and result in the production of more toxins. All you should do is to prepare yourself. That’s it.

2. Use only the extra virgin coconut oil. Nothing else.

If you want to keep your skin clear from toxins, then be sure to use only the extra virgin coconut oil for acne treatment and steer clear from other acne treatment products.

Then again, if you feel the need to use other products on your face, such as makeup, be sure they don’t clog the pores. And in the long run, if your acne is becoming worse, stop using those products and stick to using the extra virgin coconut oil or other natural ingredients that prevent acne.

3. Remember that a little goes a long way.

Applying a thick layer of coconut oil over your acne won’t guarantee fast results. A dab on your finger will definitely go a long way. Simply rub against the affected area and let your skin absorb the oil. When the coconut oil is absorbed by the skin, the toxins and bacteria will be eliminated. Apply as needed.

In addition, before using coconut oil for acne, be sure to cleanse your skin. Otherwise, it won’t be absorbed.

4. Make changes in your lifestyle and diet.

As they say, you are what you eat. And believe it or not, most acne breakouts are triggered by some foods. Having said that, all that is left to do is to make changes in your diet.

It doesn’t really have to be difficult for you. Start by avoiding meat and focusing more on organic and all-natural foods. Instead of eating out in fast foods, prepare your own meals at home. It’d be more advantageous for you because you exactly know what you are eating.

Of course, aside from depending on coconut oil, you might want to drink more water and exercise regularly. Steer clear from activities that cause you to become stressed.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts in using coconut oil for acne, you can now use it with confidence. Just try it! Promise, you will be happy with the results.

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