Lotions, creams, and moisturizers are formulated by professionals. Well, if you take a quick look at their labels, you will notice a whole lot of ingredients that may or may not be alien to you. Among these ingredients are essential oils. So, what are they?

Essential oils are basically oils extracted from different parts of plants – barks, leaves, fruits, roots, or even flowers. Although they are widely used in fragrances because of their scent, they have been recently added to skin and beauty products because of the health benefits they offer.

Now, let’s find out how to properly use these essential oils in your beauty routines.

1. Get rid of those pesky zits.

When pimples pop out from your face, all you want is to get rid of them in an instant, forcing you to use harsh acne creams and beauty products. Well, here’s good news. You can still say goodbye to those zits by using all-natural products that are safe for the skin like tea tree essential oil. This oil can naturally get rid of acne-causing bacteria without harming your skin!

2. Nourish your hair!

Is your hair dry and dull? Wait. Do not grab a commercial hair conditioner. Rather, condition your hair with essential oils, plus virgin coconut oil. One essential oil experts recommend is Argan oil. It is packed with hair-moisturizing vitamins that go deep into the roots.

3. Rejuvenate your skin.

Do not be worried about that dull skin. You can brighten it up with some jasmine oil and rose hip oil. Jasmine oil has properties that improves the elasticity of the skin. Rose hip oil, on the other hand, has lycopene and vitamin C that nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.

4. Protect your strands.

Will you be spending the weekend at the beach? Might as well carry with you a bottle of ylang-ylang oil. This oil has been used for years now to provide protection for the hair against the salty ocean water. Aside from that, it helps the strands grow strong and long.

5. Prevent aging!

If there is one thing we cannot stop, it’d probably be aging. Then again, just because it comes naturally doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. Of course, you can prevent it by using essential oils like Frankincense and Patchouli. Interestingly, these two oils have anti-aging properties that tighten the skin. They can even control oily skin!

6. Eliminate the dead stuff.

So, how do you keep your skin glowing? The answer is exfoliation! And when it comes to exfoliating the skin, sweet almond oil is your best buddy. It gets rid of dead skin cells, leaving only a toned skin that is free from dark spots.

7. Stop those free radicals.

You need not to spend money for a facial just to eliminate those free radicals. All you need is carrot seed essential oil to block those nasty components that are present in the environment.

You deserve to be pampered by products that are as natural as your beauty. So, invest in several bottles of essential oils to discover a healthier and more beautiful you!

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