We are all guilty of splurging ourselves with sweet pleasures. Sad to say, too much of sugar is not healthy for the body. But sometimes, we just can’t help it. So is there any other alternatives?

Thankfully, there is. One natural and safe sweetener you can use is coconut nectar. Obtained from the sap of the coconut tree, coconut nectar is enjoyed by many because it is raw, nutritious, and sweet. But apart from all that, does it bring any good to you?

The answer? Of course! Here are some wonders of coconut nectar to convince you.

1. It has a low glycemic index.

Although it offers the same level of sweetness, unlike refined sugar that has a glycemic index of 80, coconut nectar only has 35. That means it is a much safer alternative for those diagnosed with diabetes or for those who want to stay healthy by maintaining their blood sugar levels.

In addition, it contains about 17 amino acids and a roster of vitamins essential for the immune system and other body functions.

2. It is rich in minerals.

Packed with medium-chain fatty acids, this product is ideal for those maintaining a heart-healthy diet because helps decrease cholesterol levels. Compared to brown sugar, this nectar contains two times more iron and four times more magnesium.

3. It is easy to use.

Using coconut nectar is as easy as pie. It can be used directly in place of sugar without having to worry about it affecting the taste of food. You can use it in desserts. Also, you can add it to your cup of coffee. You can even taste it raw! And of course, you can use it with other sweeteners! Since it is unrefined, its nutritional value is retained.

Okay, coconut nectar may not be as popular as other organic and natural products, but c’mon! The benefits it gives the body are countless! It is even pocket-friendly. Need to say anything more?

We are interested to know your stand and experience in using coconut nectar. What do you think about this sweet and natural alternative? Please let us know by dropping your thoughts below.


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