The uses of coconut oil are way too many to mention. In fact, if we write them all, maybe we could produce an entire book. So, we wanted to make things simple and sweet. To begin with, here are 6 home and beauty uses for coconut oil.

1. Label Remover

Sticker labels could be hard to remove. You think you have already gotten rid of the label, but the reality sinks in. The sticky part is still there.

With coconut oil, removing these sticker labels will be as easy as pie. Simply peel off whatever you can, prepare a solution of soda and coconut oil in equal parts, and apply it to the remaining area. Leave it on for a couple of minutes before scrubbing. Finally, rinse with soapy water to easily remove the oil.

2. Mascara Brush Cleaner

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. Most mascaras and other beauty products last only 6 months once opened. So if you want to extend their lifespan, use coconut oil to clean the applicator brush.

Soak the brush in melted coconut oil and leave it for at least 5 minutes. After which, rub it gently between your fingers to make the clumps soft. And then, rinse with running water. Be sure to dry the brush before returning it to your mascara.

3. Acne Fighter

Acne and pimples can be very annoying. When you see them, you just want to pop them out! However, that is one wrong decision you should not pursue. Doing so will only make things worse.

Know that acne is caused by the overgrowth of bacteria on the surface of the skin. So if we combat them from there, chances are, acne would not form. Coconut oil is known to have antibacterial properties. When used on the skin, it should fight acne and reduce swelling.

4. Furniture Polish

You don’t need to purchase expensive wood cleaners for your valued furniture pieces. Coconut oil is what you need. This oil has properties that will help erase any marks or scuffs on the wood, making it look new and smell great.

To use, put several drops of coconut oil in one clean rag. And then, use it to wipe the scratched surfaces of your furniture.

5. Deep Conditioner

With coconut oil, dry and frizzy hair won’t stand a chance. Thanks to its nourishing abilities, any damage could be remedied.

Get 3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil and melt it in the microwave. Once it has melted, let it cool first. If you think it’s hotness is bearable, gently massage it to your hair. Tie your hair up into a bun for 30 minutes or leave it on overnight. Wash it in the morning to enjoy a soft and manageable hair that will last all day.

6. Bug Killer

When sprayed directly onto bugs, coconut oil may instantly kill them. And what makes it an even better bug killer than other commercial products is the fact that it doesn’t use any chemicals. It’s pure and organic!

Coconut oil is just so amazing! What other uses do you know? Comment them below!


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