If ever you ran out of luck and get shipwrecked, pray that your boat would sink within swimming distance of an island full of coconuts. Then, you’re chances of surviving is substantially increased – granting you know how to climb them trees.

Though getting dumped in a lonely island is perhaps a remote possibility in the modern world of internet and virtual pokemons, it shows how vital coconuts can be to man. Just looking at the merits of certified organic extra virgin coconut oil close hand should prove beyond doubt its great service to man and his fight to gain the upper hand against hunger and pesky flab.

Getting a Handle on Appetite

Well, for starters, know it’s good to be picky as not all food are made up of the same stuff – as much as you want to pounce on that Big Mac every time hunger pangs set in.

This is where certified organic extra virgin coconut oil stands above the rest.  Whereas most foods available in the market contain mostly long-chain fatty acids, coco oil is made up entirely of MCTs, short for Medium Chain Fatty Acids.

What makes MCTs  extra special is the way our bodies absorb them as they are sent directly into the liver right after they get dropped in our digestive tract. There, the magic begins as they can either serve as readily-available energy or be converted into ketone bodies.

A Fruit like No Other

Ketone is another miraculous entity our body can use. With them around you get the benefit of chomping on more carbs in your diet minus the danger of storing excess fats in your system.

Recent animal research show medium chain fats aren’t easily stored by the system compared to other fats. This makes coconut oil perfect for epileptic patients, increasing ketone levels while at the same time allowing more carbs.

What’s even more exciting is these MCTs increase your “feelings of fullness. This way you won’t see the need to chomp on extra carbs at all – making your journey to a slimmer, fitter you a walk in the park.

To this end, you need not do much. The trick is to incorporate certified organic extra virgin coconut oil into your daily meal routine and you should be on your way to a better you in no time.

Then, the only swimming you’d need is the wonderful exercise routine you perform  to perfect your overall health regimen. Time to dive in, homie!

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