Do a quick search about coconut oil and you’ll find stories of people claiming its miraculous benefits. They say it helps improve the memory. Others believe it betters heart health. But where did all these talks come from?

Before you even twist off the lid of the virgin coconut oil you have, you might be interested in reading what everyone is saying about this oil and the truth behind it.

1. It cures Alzheimer’s disease.

Coconut oil has been around for years, but until now, there are no scientific proofs that could support the claim that this oil can help cure Alzheimer’s disease. Then again, experiments were conducted with patients with Alzheimer’s. After the continuous use of this product, they began to manifest signs of improvement. But what’s the real deal?

Ketones play a vital role in brain health. These are the substances produced when fats are broken down and processed by the body. The theory is that by increasing those ketones, which are found in coconut oil, brain function is improved.

2. It’s a superfood.

Organic coconut oil has earned itself a spot in grocery aisles and even in the kitchen. It’s been used in cooking and baking. It’s also added to beauty regimens. Obviously, its uses are endless. No wonder it is called a superfood.

Then again, does it really deserve its new title? Well, why not? It does a great job at rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. Also, it makes a healthy substitute for butter. It keeps your hair shiny and your scalp dandruff-free. Furthermore, it shines your shoes. C’mon, what can’t it do?

3. It is good for the heart.

The truth is that researchers still haven’t found links that could prove coconut oil reduces the risk for strokes and heart problems, but they have already conducted tests on how this oil does wonders with LDL or bad cholesterol.

Based on the results, it was clear that this miracle ingredient raises LDL cholesterol, but not as high as butter does. So if you use it as an alternative to butter when cooking, you are keeping yourself safe from cardiovascular diseases.

Now, where do these claims bring us? Organic coconut oil is best used in moderation. It’s simple as that.

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