Do you know that Mother Earth provides us with an abundance of fresh and nutritious produce in many surprising ways? While we can easily gather fruits and vegetables by harvesting, we can also obtain other flavorful sources of wellness in herbs, trunks, and flowers we find in our garden. Yes, that is true!

Here are some essential oils you can use in your kitchen, which can be quickly extracted from the flora around you.

1. Lavender

Well, if you are still new to cooking with essential oils, lavender essential oil is something you should try. With its subtle taste, it makes any dish flavorful and enticing. Begin by adding lavender oil in desserts and beverages. Just remember that a little already adds a unique flavor to a recipe.

2. Citrus

Talk about cooking, citrus oils are for you. Obtained from the peels of citrus fruits, this oil is normally used in fighting acne because of its anti-bacterial properties. However, it can also be added to dips, salad dressings, stir fries, beverages, and other recipes.

3. Cinnamon

For dishes that require meat and potatoes, you might want to consider the use of cinnamon. Used in cooking because of its flavor and aroma, cinnamon essential oil works best in sweet recipes, such as cinnamon rolls or French toast.

4. Thyme

Thyme is an immune stimulant used in the kitchen for its savory flavor. It is added to dishes, where meat is often involved. Soups, stews, and barbecues are among them. Hence, if you wish to witness a surprising twist, explore the use of thyme by using it in desserts to balance the sweetness.

5. Peppermint

Known for its refreshing and cooling effects, peppermint essential oil is usually added to honey for an energizing cup of tea. Then again, it perfectly blends in other beverages like lemonade. Although it is not directly used in cooking, it is added in candies and chocolates for a minty kick.

Because we believe they’re as nutritious as virgin coconut oil, these are only five of the best essential oils we recommend to use in cooking . If you do a careful research, you will see there are many other essential oils you can use out there.

Do you use essential oils in cooking? Let us know what you use below.

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