Whether you are out for a grand vacation or you’re planning to visit distant relatives, traveling can cause problems in your health. Though these aren’t that noticeable, as they say, “Prevention is better than cure.” So, to somehow lighten your trip, we came up with a list of most recommended essential oils you can use while you are on the road.

1. Peppermint

Because of its relaxing and clearing aroma, peppermint is used to ease troubled tummies, open blocked nasal passages, and relieve muscle pain. It’s also a great addition to a hot shower after spending many hours on the road.

2. Frankincense

Freshen up your skin as you alleviate fatigue and stress. How? Simply pack some frankincense oil in your luggage. Whenever you go sunbathing and you know you’ve spent so much time under the sun, this oil should soothe sunburn just like extra virgin coconut oil. Just make sure you mix it with other carrier oils.

3. Tea Tree

Traveling by land, water, air? No matter what means you take, double check your bags and be sure to carry with you tea tree essential oil. This oil is essential if you take the train or travel by a car, boat, or plane because at those places, you become more exposed to germs and viruses. Tea tree essential oil has properties that ward off harmful microorganisms and treat wounds and cuts.

4. Eucalyptus

Boost your immune system with an essential oil like eucalyptus. This should keep you in shape as it helps get rid of airborne viruses. Extremely handy if you’re on an airplane, eucalyptus essential oil makes a wonderful addition to hand sanitizers, too!

5. Sandalwood

Long hours of travel and not enough sleep during travels could be a reason you’re having a hard time to focus and stay alert. To ease tiredness and combat stress, use Sandalwood essential oil.

Essential oils are indeed travel “essentials”. They can be packed in a carry-on luggage, provided you follow the rules for carry-on liquids. Well, you can also blend these oils in inhalers and homemade lip balms, which are much easier to bring. By carefully planning ahead, you can reduce the most difficult aspects of travel.

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