There is a new trend right now wherein coffee lovers add coconut oil to their daily dose of coffee. Pretty odd, huh? So, what good does it offer?

Although this oil brings a new twist to an ordinary and boring morning coffee, there are plenty other reasons for adding it. Below are some.

1. Added Energy Boost

We drink coffee to keep us alert and awake in the morning or mid-day. Having said that, we assume caffeine is great. However, the energy that coconut oil provides is way better. Due to its medium chain triglycerides, coco oil is quickly absorbed by the body, hence boosting energy levels.

2. Improved Brain Functions

Coconut oil has properties that improve brain functions. In fact, it is often associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. That is because the ketones found in coco oil, do not require the use of insulin, hence offering a different fuel for the brain.

3. Supports Weight Loss

Coffee with coco oil helps people lose weight due to its satiating fat content, which decreases appetite. In one study that involved 20 to 40 women participants, a decrease in BMI and waist size was eventually noticed after consuming coffee with coconut oil for 12 weeks.

4. Cancer Risk Reduction

Coffee itself can reduce the risk of cancer formation. With coconut oil, it becomes more effective as this miracle oil also has cancer-fighting properties. According to studies, the Lauric acid found in coconut oil can get rid of about 90% cancer cells.

5. Boosts Immune System

Rich in antioxidants, coffee can lower the risk of developing diseases and prevents cell damage. As for coco oil, it has Lauric acid that is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. When you combine both, you are boosting your immune system.

6. Better Oral Health

Consuming coffee keeps you protected against periodontal bone loss and cavities. Coco oil, on the other hands, keeps mouth bacteria at bay. Thus, if you drink them together, you can embrace a healthier oral health.

7. Alleviate Pain

According to studies, 2-3 cups of coffee a day can decrease joint pain. Also, coconut oil has the same properties that reduce inflammation.

Coffee coupled with coco oil offers a plethora of benefits that when taken together, improves one’s overall health. Now, how do you choose the best coconut oil and coffee? As much as possible, opt for the organic varieties.

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