Coconut oil is touted as the solution for all problems, from Alzheimer’s to autism. And now, studies are claiming that it promotes hair growth.

Because of the many talks about coconut oil for hair, we are left questioning what it can do. Can it really help the hair grow longer? What is the truth to these claims?

What People Are Saying About Hair Growth and Coconut Oil

Okay, can coconut oil stimulate hair growth? The answer is no. To date, there are no studies that can prove that this miracle oil can restore the hair.

Here’s a situation that will make you think. Many people use coco oil as a lotion or skin moisturizer. If it really did promote hair growth, you could be covered with excessive body hair!

What Coconut Oil Can Actually Do

Although coconut oil does not give you the amount of hair you need, there are many amazing ways your body can benefit from it. Below are some of them.

1. Prevent Acne

Coco oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that combat pimple-causing bacteria. So, the next time you feel those pimples are about to breakout, grab a jar of coco oil and apply a dab onto the affected area. Take note though. A little of this oil goes a long way. Do not apply too much.

2. Treat Eczema

If you have eczema, coco oil might just be what you need. This natural product has the ability to moisturize the affected spot and also prevent infections from spreading.

3. Skin Moisturizer

Researchers in the Philippines have found that coconut oil has Lauric acids, which help moisturize the skin. Although these are acids, they are safe for the skin. They even make an excellent pre-shampoo conditioner.

From moisturizing the skin to fighting viruses and bacteria, coconut oil has many amazing uses. So, for the meantime, just enjoy the benefits it provides. Don’t waste so much time thinking if it could promote hair growth. You’ll probably hear more about it soon. And if you say coconut oil, look for the varieties labeled as cold-pressed, organic, or extra virgin.

If you wish to know more about the different varieties of coco oil, feel free to ask me!

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