We know you’re dying to know where to buy the best coconut oil. Sad to say, with the countless brands out there, you might be feeling too hopeless about making a good choice. Don’t fret though. We’ll share with you the best places to buy coconut oil.

In the meantime, we’ll teach you how to pick the best. How? Simply know that every coconut oil is created different and be able to determine which ones you need.

Refined vs. Unrefined Coconut Oil

As the name suggests, refined coconut oil has been literally refined, leaving it odorless and tasteless. Because of that, it makes an excellent oil for deep frying or baking. Although it has gone through several processes, it is still a great source of healthy fatty acids.

Unrefined coconut oil, on the other hand, is often labeled as extra virgin. This oil is extracted from the first pressing of raw coconut, which means chemicals are not used in the process. Here’s something to watch out for. Depending on the extraction method, an unrefined coconut oil may have a mild or intense flavor. But generally, the more heat the oil is exposed, the stronger its coconut flavor.

Now, where can you buy them? The Internet is a great tool to help you find where to buy the best coconut oil. Then again, you can always purchase in the local market. Just be sure you know what you need and always check the labels.

Extraction Methods

Before you proceed to buying the refined coconut oil variety or the unrefined one, make sure you understand the extraction method.

If the label says the oil is “cold pressed” or “expeller pressed”, it doesn’t necessarily mean pure or raw. Normally, these oils have been heated up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in the process. However, the temperature won’t cause the oil to turn rancid. This oil is very well known to withstand high temperatures well. A centrifuged oil, in contrast, hasn’t been exposed to much heat. Therefore, its taste is more subtle and delicate.

Where to Buy Coconut Oil

Nowadays, finding a good quality coconut oil is not a problem. With so many places to go, you will never run out of options. Here are the best places we recommend.


If you do a quick search online, you will find a number of coconut oil varieties sold by many different companies. Be sure you know which one you need. And then, place an order and have it shipped to your home!

Your Nearest Market

Before you go to the grocery store, write down coconut oil in your list to ensure you don’t forget it. As with buying online, be aware that there will be lots of varieties of coconut oil in the supermarket aisle. Even so, do not be deceived by their prices. Make sure you buy the type of coconut oil you need.

Health and Specialty Shops

If you really want to buy a good quality coconut oil and speak with experts, visit shops that sell natural health products. For sure, they know what you need. Do not hesitate to speak with them.

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