It’s a magical ingredient, they say. As a matter of fact, many people can’t simply live without it. It’s an essential addition to Paleo. It makes a great massage oil for dogs. Yes, it’s coconut oil that we’re talking about.

While you’re still in awe about how amazing this oil is, we’ll give you more reasons to always have a jar of coco oil at home. Check out these 7 secret coconut oil uses you should definitely take advantage by now.

1. Foot Scrub

Our feet take us to places, so it is just right to make them feel pampered and loved. The best way to do it? Give them a soothing foot scrub. With coconut oil, you can create an exfoliating scrub that’ll keep your feet moisturized and free from cracks.

2. Lip Balm

You don’t need to spend much to prevent your lips from becoming dry. Using coconut oil, you can keep your lips nourished and glossy.

3. Pimple Stopper

Do not worry if you have pimples coming out and you are out of budget. Coco oil is an excellent zit stopper. It even works wonders for the skin. With its antibacterial properties, you can calm down those red spots.

4. Toothpaste

This oil is helpful in terms of oral health, so it’s no longer surprising why it has been used by many different toothpaste manufacturers. With its natural whitening properties, you can get creative and create a homemade toothpaste at home.

5. Body Lotion

Now that the cold days are here, your skin becomes prone to dryness. And nobody wants that. Hence, it is better to prevent it before it happens. Apply coconut oil and see your skin become shiny and glowing.

6. Bath Bombs

Make your bath time extra special with a coconut oil treat. Here’s a simple coconut oil bath melts recipe you can try at home.

7. Cuticle Cream

If you are having problems with cuticles, here’s a natural way to get rid of them quickly. Use coconut oil to soften them and control them with ease.

The next time you run out of this oil at home, you know where to go. Buy Coco Treasure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil today and enjoy the perks.

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