If you are a mother, you know that your babies are the most precious beings in the entire world. Because of that, you’d just worry about everything – what they eat, where they go, what they’re doing, you name it, you just can stay still thinking about them. Thankfully, you can now feel at ease with the right products.

Believe it or not, you can replace commercial baby products with a chemical-free alternative – virgin coconut oil. Not only will this product save you money, it will also improve your baby’s overall health. Here are 5 ways to use this oil.

1. Nappy Rash Cream

If you want to treat nappy rashes, virgin coconut oil is the way to go. No matter how many times you use it, it doesn’t put your baby’s skin at risk because it does not contain chemicals like commercial nappy rash creams.

To use, you just have to apply it directly to the affected area. It will automatically act as a barrier to prevent complications and will nourish the irritated skin.

2. Body Lotion

Yes, a baby’s skin is soft and delicate already. Therefore, you need not to cover him with any creams or lotions. Then again, he might need some help at some point. For instance, there are babies who suffer dry skin around the neck. To help relieve the problem, apply a dab of coconut oil. It should keep the area moisturized and protected against irritation.

3. Baby Wash

You never know when your baby will mess up. But for sure, every after meal, you might need to clean him up. So, instead of using harsh chemicals, prepare your own baby wash instead. How? Use virgin coconut oil.

Take equal parts of water, castile soap, and coconut oil and mix them all together. That’s it. You need not to add other essential oils for added fragrance because the oil will provide a sweet scent of its own.

4. Massage Oil

Coconut oil has been widely used in massage oils. But the benefit of this oil isn’t only for relaxation, it also strengthens the bond between babies and parents.

To make an all-natural baby massage oil, take one part of virgin coconut oil and one part olive oil. And then, add 2 drops of your preferred essential oil.

5. Cradle Cap Treatment

Virgin coconut oil can also be used to treat cradle cap. Simply massage the oil into the baby’s scalp and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. It will instantly act as a moisturizer and loosen up the cradle cap flakes. After that, rinse it off and use a soft brush to comb the hair.

It is important that before you use a virgin coconut oil, make sure it is pure and of high quality. There are other coconut oil varieties that have undergone bleaching processes, removing the health benefits. Choose only the virgin coconut oil variety if you want to protect your babies from harmful chemicals. And if you are in doubt about how to use this oil, consult your doctor first.

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