People nowadays are becoming more health-conscious to the point that they are already looking for some other healthy alternatives to traditional ingredients they use in their recipes. Thankfully, coconut flour was discovered and introduced to the public. And ever since, it has been sought after by many health buffs.

As a versatile ingredient, coconut flour has now been used in various recipes, especially in baking. The results are nutritious and sumptuous dishes that everyone loves. Hence, health risks will no longer be an issue.

But aside from its health perks, there are plenty of reasons to use coconut flour in baking. Below are 5 of them.

1. It is gluten-free.

Perhaps, its being gluten-free is among the biggest reasons why many are using coconut flour in baking. Since it is derived from dried coconut meat, the resulting powder does not contain gluten. That only means it’s safe for people with allergies.

2. It has high protein content.

This flour contains a significant amount of protein compared to other leading flour brands, making it a valuable ingredient for vegan dishes. Of course, the reason is that protein is essential for cell growth and repair.

3. It is packed with fiber.

Studies suggest that using this flour in cooking could reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. Also, it helps people stay full for a longer time. However, when baking with coco flour, more liquid must be used because it is dry.

4. It is safe for people diagnosed with diabetes.

Unlike processed flours, organic coconut flour doesn’t really have a great impact to the blood sugar levels. That makes it safe for diabetics and anyone who is having problems with frequent blood sugar spikes.

5. It is rich in minerals.

The coconut tree thrives because it obtains minerals from the rich volcanic soils in the ground. Therefore, any coconut product derived from this tree retains the nutrients it has absorbed, which includes coco flour.

After knowing all these reasons, would you now consider baking with coconut flour? Well, it’s definitely worth trying. But do take note that this ingredient is a bit tricky to work with. Nonetheless, you will have no regrets! Take it from the experts.

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