We heard all the talks revolving around coconut oil; its health benefits and its many uses. Although they’re nothing new, there are those discoveries that spark our inner inquisitiveness and curiosity, making us want to explore what this wonder ingredient can still do.

So, is there anything else we ought to learn about coconut oil? Yes, a lot. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. To start with, here are 5 interesting ways to cook using coconut oil.

1. Add it to your morning cup of coffee.

Okay, this might be the weirdest tip you have come across, but did you know coconut oil tastes good in hot drinks like milk or coffee? Yes, that is correct. However, if you do not like the oily feel in your mouth, you can always mix together your usual drink and the oil in a blender. The result will be a bubbly, frothy, latte-like beverage.

2. Use it for frying.

Looking for a healthy substitute for ordinary cooking oils? Coconut oil might just be what you are looking for. Do not worry because it does not have that coconut taste you are concerned about. It only has a mild flavor that will only absorb the flavors of other ingredients like veggies and chicken.

3. Substitute it to butter.

For healthier baked dishes, try substituting coconut oil to butter. Unlike butter, it contains less water, so when you use it, you’ll have to add more water. Nevertheless, its benefits to the body makes it a preferred ingredient.

4. Use it in making chocolate shells.

Due to its less fat content and smooth consistency, coconut oil has been opted in preparing chocolate shells for toppings. By mixing it with chocolate and melting them in the microwave for several seconds, you can create one classy chocolate shell!

5. Spread it on toast.

Whether you believe it or not, coconut oil has a savory flavor, making it an ideal spread on toast. But for a more unique taste, many top the toast with their favorite fruits, such as strawberries, avocado, or apple.

Interesting, huh? Truth be told, these are just a few ways to cook with coconut oil. Just get your creative juices flowing and you’ll realize there are plenty other ways than these.


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