Would you dare add coconut oil into your cup of coffee? It may seem a bit odd, but don’t underestimate the health benefits this energizing drink offers.

Believe it or not, every year, a number of companies in the food industry come up with new and exciting trends. Interestingly, these trends have paved way to healthier and more sustainable foods that provide long-term benefits.

Although there are plenty of organic food trends already, this year, we’re expecting these five to make the cut.

1. Organic

This may be nothing new, but organic food is still a food preference. People believe that purchasing commercial, processed products is a poor reflection of you. It is for that reason that they opt for organic foods.

As the name suggests, organic products are grown organically. No pesticides, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, and other genetically-modified substances are added to grow them. As for meat, eggs, and poultry products, no growth hormones and antibiotics are given.

Having said that, do you think organic foods would make it far? Perhaps, it would, especially that many are patronizing them.

2. Non-GMO

Non-GMO produce are basically plants or animals whose genetic composition has not been modified using scientific methods like transgenic technology or gene splicing.

Although there are lots of genetically-modified foods out there, which scientists have proven safe for human consumption, many consumers still prefer non-GMO produce. Well, we can’t blame them. Not everyone is comfortable with the thought GMOs in their body.

However, do not be fooled into thinking that non-GMO foods are much better and healthier. Handling still has an impact on them. Also, another thing to take note of is that there are some foods nowadays that are being labeled as non-GMO to entice consumers to purchase.

3. Gluten-Free

Among all the food trends, Gluten-free produce are the strongest. They’ve been around for years now and are continuously making headlines here and there.

But despite its fame, it is not necessarily a better choice for everyone. While gluten-free products are helpful for people diagnosed with Celiac disease or those who are intolerant of gluten, they are not the solution to weight loss.

Since gluten-free foods have been in the limelight for quite some time, it is no surprise why lots of recipes have been created using them. Try doing a quick search on Google and you will be overwhelmed with all the results out there.

4. Clean Food

Come on! Is there such a thing as dirty food? Truth be told, lots of consumers are on the lookout for foods that are “clean”. That is why many companies are saying their products do not contain any “artificial ingredients”.

But do the foods that do not contain “artificial ingredients” safe and clean? Well, not necessarily. Whether you decide to buy them or not, artificial ingredients are not dirty.

As you can see, “healthier” food options are brought to the table every year. That means more and more food trends will continue to make the cut to our dinner plates. Nevertheless, regardless of what food trend you are going crazy about, it is important that we do not deprive ourselves of the nutrients we need.

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